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Once upon a time in the world of digital finance, a revolutionary platform called Stable60 emerged, changing the landscape of Web3.0 Investment. It is a platform like no other, combining advanced technology, security, and profitability to offer its users a chance to generate passive income like never before.
At the heart of Stable60 is a Quantitative AI Trading Bot, a marvel of artificial intelligence that analyzes and predict market trends with remarkable precision. This AI bot forms the backbone of Stable60's investment strategy, ensuring consistent returns for its users.

The potential for growth is irresistible, drawing investors from all walks of life.

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Platform Information

What is STABLE60?

STABLE60 is the best artificial intelligence Trading bot built on the web3.0 technology. It is a fully decentralized staking platform with a simplified approach to generating sustainable passive income in DeFi. STABLE60 offers investors a reliable long-term investment option. 

Is STABLE60 Safe?

The STABLE60 team has taken extensive measures to ensure that both the platform, Trading Bot and Smart Contract are designed with the utmost safety for its investors in mind. These have been thoroughly tested over a significant period before being deployed on the binance Smart Chain (BSC).


Investments made into STABLE60 follows a 60 days, 120 days, 250 days cycle, with claim time occurring every single minute. After 60, 120, 250 days, investors can collect their initial investment and will no longer be earning a daily ROI or be a part of the system. To invest and earn a daily ROI again, they would need to reinvest their funds. The STABLE60 system is considered safe because it does not carry any baggage from previous investors who have exited the system after their package have expired because they are no longer earning a daily ROI. This is because every package marks the start of a new cycle in STABLE60, ensuring a fresh start for all new investors.

What's The Daily ROI?

Investors will receive a daily return on investment of 0.5% for 60 days, 0.8% daily for 120 days and 1% daily for 250 days which can be claimed every single minute from the initial investment date.

How Is Every Deposit Split Up?

Each deposit is split into four categories, but it's important to note that this division does not affect the actual investment amount made by the depositor. For instance, if someone invests $1,000, their investment will remain $1000. This is how a $1,000 investment would be split:

  • ➢To the contract - 54 % - $540
  • ➢Sent to Trading Bot Wallet for investment - 25 % - $250
  • ➢Referral Rewards - 21 % - $210
  • ➢Dev fees - 0 % - $0

Is the Smart Contract Safe?

The contract has been developed by Joe and has undergone thorough testing before deployment, with a strong emphasis on investors safety. This is why once deposited, 54% of the funds contributed to the contract will be permanently locked and cannot be withdrawn by either the project's owner or developer. This 54% will remain within the contract indefinitely and cannot be removed under any circumstances by the team.

How is Investors Money Invested?

The STABLE60 team has decided to use mirror pools, which will allow funds to accumulate and compound over a period of 60, 120, 250 days. Additionally, investor funds will be allocated to PAMM accounts, while the dev team will invest in some high-risk plays with their own funds.

When Can I Expect My Initial Investment Claim?

After making an initial investment, your funds will be locked for a period of time depending on your package. At the end of this period, your stake will no longer generate daily returns, and you will need to claim 75% of your initial investement, which is subjected to a 5% tax. At this point, you can choose to either reinvest your funds in STABLE60 or move on. Please note that all claimable rewards will be sent to your wallet upon withdrawal of the initial investment.

What's the Minimum - Maximum Investement?

STABLE60 is accessible to investors of all sizes, however, we have implemented a minimum investment requirement of $1 and a maximum investment limit of $10,000,000. This measure has been put in place to ensure the safety of every investor.

Can I Lose My Investement?

It's important to remember that past performance does not guarantee future results. Cryptocurrencies are a relatively new form of investment, and investors should never invest their whole life savings. The crypto market is influenced by many factors, and it's essential that investors conduct their own research and make informed decisions. It's important to note that every investor is solely responsible for the safety of their own wallet. STABLE60 will not be held responsible in any circumstance if an investor's wallet is compromised.

Our Team

The driving force behind Stable60 is the team of talented experts, driven by a shared vision of success and sustainability. We've embraced decentralized cutting-edge technologies and harnessed the power of the crypto space to generate significant profits. With a portion of the funds allocated into different markets for profit margin, Stable60's Mirror Pool covered diverse areas, including Yield Farming, Insurance & DAO, Borrowing & Lending, Exchange & Liquidity, Derivatives & Marketplace, and more.


➢ 60Days Staking = 0.5% Daily ROI || 125% APR ||
➢ 120Days Staking = 0.8% Daily ROI || 200% APR ||
➢ 250Days Staking = 1% Daily ROI || 250% APR ||


💰 0.5 X 250D = 125% APR || O.5 X 60D = 30% ROI ||
💰 0.8 X 250D = 200% APR || O.8 X 120D = 96% ROI ||
💰 1 X 250D = 250% APR || 1 X 250D = 250% ROI ||


🤑 Stake For 60D & Earn 30% ROI ||
🤑 Stake For 120D & Earn 96% ROI ||
🤑 Stake For 250D & Earn 250% ROI ||


⚙️You Can Withdraw 75% Of Your Initial Capital, while 25% remains in the Liquidity pool for system sustainability.

⚙️ Pay No Penalty Fee After the Duration Period Has Expired. Withdraw 75% Of Your Initial Capital


The platform offers three attractive investment options:
♻️Stake for 60 days and earn 30% ROI + 75% Initial Capital back
♻️Stake for 120 days and earn a whopping 96% ROI + 75% Initial Capital back
♻️Or go for the long-term with a 250% ROI on a 250-day stake + 75% Initial Capital back.